The Pitch

Simulations and games are used for training and education in many professions, especially the military. So why not for peacekeeping specifically?

Furthermore, there is a multi-billion-dollar industry with video games for war-fighting and shooting. But the industry lacks games that demonstrate the principles of peacekeeping and the means to prevent shooting and mass atrocity. These could be used to raise public awareness about UN work and goals. 

Peacekeepers games and simulation will show the ethical and practical dilemmas in UN peace operations, based on the principles of UN peacekeeping and real-life scenarios.


In this initiative, simulations will be developed for training peacekeepers. And games will be developed for public education.  

The Needs

  • Funding for Advanced/Full Demo, for full games & simulations

  • Help with script writing and scenario development

  • Help with game mechanics

  • Website(s) development

  • UN liaison, e.g., with Integrated Training Service (ITS)

  • Marketing and distribution